About us

Homegrown Hawaiian is an `ohana apparel and gift brand created by the printing company Altered Ink, LLC. Established in 2013 by Hawai`i couple Ku`ulei Vedder and Jerald Aio, Homegrown Hawaiian was founded with the motto of “Wear the Culture”. Homegrown Hawaiian designs are imbued with the richness of `ike kupuna (ancestral intergenerational knowledge) and mana`o Hawai`i (Hawaiian perspective and thought). Each design has a mo`olelo or deeper story that embraces and perpetuates a facet of Hawaiian culture and local identity.

The perpetuation of culture must be instilled early on. Homegrown Hawaiian does this through the Homegrown Keiki label; a line catering to the kamali`i. The "‘Olelo Keiki Collection" places focus on learning and continuing `olelo Hawai`i.

Many of the Homegrown Hawaiian designs project an assertive Ku vibe and spirit with bold expressions of local and Hawaiian pride. The Homegrown Wahine label brings in the femininity of Hina to balance the dichotomy of Hawaiian energies. The 2015 debut of Homegrown Wahine’s "Ka Makani Collection" gives a breath of fresh air to long forgotten Hawaiian names and poetic nuances for the winds of Hawai`i… once again perpetuating the richness of mo`omeheu (culture), mo`aukala (history), and mo`olelo (stories) of Hawai`i.

At the heart of Homegrown Hawaiian, is the desire to share and perpetuate our culture with all people; from the keiki, makua, kupuna, kane, wahine, kama`āina, and even the malihini … Homegrown Hawaiian offers something for everyone… “Wear the Culture.”